Having received her own Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) diagnosis in January 2021, Bec felt a huge sense of relief for finally knowing what was ‘wrong’ with her, but after that, found that support was either inaccessible, not specific enough or non-existent in her local area.

PMDD leaves us feeling ungrounded, unsafe, exhausted, scared, frustrated and alone.

Whereas connection creates a bond, a sense of community and belonging, meaning when we feel alone and scared, we have a siblinghood to support us.
Ergo, the PMDD Power Circles were born.

Each session is an intimate space with just 5 other PMDDers and Bec, lessening overwhelm and allowing for vulnerable share.
Each week explores a theme relevant to PMDD – previous themes include partners, self love, our story, medication – where we share our experience and thoughts on that theme.

In addition to exploring a theme you will:

  • Ground yourselves through meditation
  • Have time to share, be heard and seen
  • Feel validated in your emotions
  • Hold space for others as they do the same for you
  • Receive distant healing to help you on your journey
  • Set an intention for the fortnight ahead
  • Feel more in control
  • Reflect on that intention in the next session
  • Receive work to do outside of the session


You will also be able to join a private community on facebook only for PMDD Circle attendees where you have unlimited space to share, support, rant, look for advice or simply just be welcomed and loved by people who understand.

Sessions are pay as you go and on a sliding scale to make these accessible.
There will also be one complimentary space for a PMDDer who otherwise would not be able to access any PMDD support.

Payment options

There are now 3 rate options:

Reduced rate – £10
Standard rate – £14
Premium rate – £20

All places will be charged at standard rate via booking platform so if you would like to request a reduced/premium rate space, please email me to discuss payment options.

Giving back

Premium rate attendance sponsors lower income attendees and the complimentary space.
Any additional monies raised from premium rate will be donated to PMDD specific charitable organisations IAPMD and NAPS.

In addition to PMDD Circles, I will continue to offer free content on helping PMDD and workshops where possible too.


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