Hear what messages your angels, guides and loved ones have for you.

When life and the mind are very busy it is very difficult to connect with our natural intuition and those who have our best intentions at heart. This could mean we miss vital signs that will take us on the next part of our journey.

These wonderful messengers could come in the form of angels, spirit guides or passed loved ones who might be trying to pass on a message or point you in the right direction.

Readings are the perfect for giving clarity over a situation, a gentle reminder or something for you to ponder as chosen by those who have your best interests at heart

All readings are done via Whatsapp voicenote at 7pm UK time.
By offering recordings, it allows me to channel without distractions and gives you the chance to playback as many times as you like without forgetting what was said.
After the recording is sent, you have 60 mins for clarification before I disconnect from your energy.

When booking, you will be able to choose any time during the day, but they are only done at 7pm that day (max 1 per day).

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