Balance Your Being

Hertfordshire, Essex and London, UK

I’m Bec, the face behind Balance Your Being.

I’ve been on a long journey of self-discovery and love throughout my life, having struggled to work out what was wrong with me.

Growing up I knew I was different. I would often recall seeing lines around people from a very young age and remember being on a school trip and asking if there had been another section in a cottage we were in as I could see another level and people making tea on it!

I would dream about things that later materialised into real life and often had visits from those no longer with us – often to hide my hairbrush or keys, which still happens to this day.

Like many of us, I lost my connection with spirit at a young age and turned to mainstream practices to try to solve a variety of health problems, but nothing seemed to work.

I tried to ignore my spiritual roots, forcing myself to excel in the corporate world (you’ve only got to look at the hair and tattoos to know that didn’t work!) but after some life-changing events, I kept getting a repetitive calling to quit my job with the vision of starting my own holistic practice and helping others… so I did.

I am extremely passionate about the work I do and the tools I use to help people (and animals) re-connect and re-balance themselves to their best being through reiki, crystal, and meditative healing. I pride myself on being an empath, feeling and healing others’ pain and stories.

I use these practices in my own everyday life and I can assure you it has honestly changed my life – I have never been happier, healthier or more comfortable with being me.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my practice; I look forward to meeting you soon.

Love and Light,
Bec ♡