Lavender Pouches

Lavender Pouches

Lavender is a wonderful sensory tool in healing, to meditate with or for cleansing.
As an essential oil, it provides a wonderful antiseptic property and so with smelling it, we often feel revilatised, or simply ‘cleaner’.

Uses for lavender:

  • Under your pillow to aid in better sleep
  • In your car to alleviate road rage
  • To rub and smell when feeling anxious, stressed or worried
  • To make essential oils or homelade lotions
  • In the kitchen to eliminate strong odours – lavender is a great absording of harsh smells
  • As a gift for someone (great for anyone starting a new job, who’s just had a baby or recently married for good luck)
  • To help sell a house (for cleansing and providing good luck)
  • To calm anxious pets; simply rub a little between your fingers and stroke onto the head, or put under their bed for better sleep
  • Realign senses and great for Sensory Processing Disoder
  • Focus during meditation

The real joy of lavender is that it is fragrant when wet or dry and the smell never goes.
If you find that your lavender has lost its smell, just give it a rub beneath your fingers and you’ll find the smell is still just as wonderful as when you got it.


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